Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 has been an amazing year. From the crazy winter blizzards to the summer like Christmas, 2015 has brought many memories, both happy and sad. Although I will not go on sharing the whole year with you all, I do want to share with you a couple of things.

One of the major events for me was losing my Grandmother in February. It was a tough one to get through and one that cut deep into my heart. However hard it was, remembering her and our relationship that we had when she was around still brings a smile to my face and helps the pain go away.

Summer time brought happiness and exhilaration when our Sparring and Poomsae team went down to US Nationals in Austin, TX and brought home a handful of medals. Also had another student go to the Argentina Open and take gold in his division. So proud of my kids.

It was also the first year my son started Day Care. He is getting to be such a big boy now. Where did the time go? Love NoCho and his personality as much as he is a pain in my ass at times. Watching him growing up has been a HUGE blessing to me and I will always cherish the moments we have together, before he grows up too fast!

Lastly, the last couple of months of 2015 have been an amazing journey for me. With the start of my new fascination and enjoyment of streaming, I have found many new people that have been very supportive of me. Because of them I have and will continued to stream consistently. I've found a new hobby for myself and hope that this hobby and will turn into something more than just a  hobby. I hope to see many new opportunities in 2016.

Happy New Year everyone! Bless you all and your families!

~Mike Cho
MiCho Studios

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