Sunday, January 31, 2016

February Monthly Challenge

First off I want to thank all of those that submitted entries into last months challenge. All the entries were amazing. Keep up the great work and keep submitting.

For the month of February,  I have chosen the challenge to be a two part challenge. More will be explained below.

Steps to take for participants:
  • Find a model that you would like to paint, any range or make
  • Follow the challenge of the month when painting your miniature
  • Take a nice photograph of your model and send the image to:
  • Please type in the subject line of the email: FEBRUARY CHALLENGE - TWITCH USER NAME - (PARTICIPATION or CRITIQUE)

The rules will be listed below.

  • All artists are allowed only 1 entry for the monthly challenge
  • All models must be painted by the artist submitting the entry.
  • Artists may use any paint range they would like (Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter, etc.)
  • Images and emails of the painted model must be submitted to me before the deadline
  • The model must meet the requirements of the challenge

  1. Main color of the model may be RED or PINK or a combination of both (atleast 50% or more)
  2. Model must show some sort of BATTLE DAMAGE. This can be armor or flesh wound.
  3. May show blending or line highlighting
  4. Model must have a base (unless the model is HUGE!)
  5. Must be completely painted (no primer or unpainted areas on mini or base)

DEADLINE: Must be received before start of stream (around 11pm est) on February 27, 2016. Live stream is @ and winners will be announced.

We will take a look at the entries on stream..... and I will showcase all those that just particpated for show and critique the ones that want to be judged. Please make sure you put in the subject line which category you would like me to put your entry into.

I will choose the top 3 overall with one of them being declared the winner. First place will receive 500 virtual currency,  second will receive 250, this will receive 100 and all others will receive 50. (Virtual currency is used to enter into monthly raffles as well as request songs on 'song request Sundays'. Other prizes have yet to be determined so stay tuned. More info to come during the month leading up to the deadline.

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