Sunday, March 13, 2016

March Challenge SET!!!

Thank you for all the participants that have signed up for March Painting Challenge! I appreciate your support and hope that this challenge brings you alot of experience and excitement.

Although we did not receive alot of entries, I hope that this months challenge will be something to look forward to when we stream the images live at the end of the month. I personally can't wait to see what will be entered!

Here are the participants:

Single miniature:

  1. Ashs75 - Intermediate
  2. Dataliss - Intermediate
  3. Foxtrotlag - Intermediate/Advanced
  1. MikeKritter - Advanced
  2. Teitanfire - Intermediate
  3. ExKodaichi - Beginner
Good luck to all the participants and remember, no matter the outcome, LET THE PAINT FLOW!

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