Sunday, April 10, 2016

APRIL 2016 Painting Challenge

For the month of April,  I have chosen to do a monochromatic challenge for all the participants. More will be explained below.

Steps to take for participants:
  • Decide if you are going to participate or not and then submit entries via e-mail with img.
  • Email me at:
  • Please type in the subject line of the email: APRIL CHALLENGE - TWITCH USER NAME
  • EMAIL me by the beginning of my stream 4/24 around 11pm est!!!

The rules will be listed below.

  • All artists are allowed only 1 entry for the monthly challenge
  • All models must be painted by the artist submitting the entry.
  • Artists may use any paint range they would like (Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter, etc.)
  • Images and emails of the painted model must be submitted to me before the deadline
  • The model must meet the requirements of the challenge

  1. Email me by 4/24 with the above stated subject line if you wish to enter the challenge.
  2. Miniatures must be painted up using only 3 colors: Black, White, and one of your choosing.
  3. 3 colors maybe mixed, blended and used any way you want. No substitution of paints!
  4. Entries will be judged by the viewers on giveaway day - meets or fails requirement.
  5. Must be completely painted (no primer or unpainted areas on mini or base)

DEADLINE for finished miniature: Images must be received before start of stream (around 11pm est) on April 24, 2016. Live stream is @ and images will be shown and a winner chosen by the viewers that night.